Thursday, October 15, 2015

Apple Processing and Donations

     Sirius students processed over 50 crates of apples into applesauce and apple cider. This process took four days and there was always somwthing going on. Outside, the apple cider process was going on. There were two machines. The first machine was in charge of chopping up the apples into small little pieces. The second machine didn't actually have a motor, it was all human work. Students poured the chopped up apples into a flat square container and laid a net over it. Then they placed a wooden cover over it. Then they placed another net filled with apples on top of the wooden cover. After that students placed layers and layers of wood and wood blocks on top. Next, they took a drill and litterally drilled all the boards down, so that it would sqeeze all the apple juice into a bucket underneath all the layers of boards and apples. Finally, you take the apple cider and pour it into jugs and they are ready to be donated.
     Meanwhile, students inside peeled, cored, cut, and cooked apples. When the apples were finally mshy enough to be placed into tubs, the applesauce was ready to be donated as well. 
     We had a couple people come to take our apple products. Most of them were from churches who served lunch once a week. People ate the applesuace and cider with their lunches.

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